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Frequent Asked Questions

What kind of forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, PayPal and Checks are accepted. 

Where do you provide traveling services to?

Flavia pedraza is a Makeup Artist that provides traveling services all around CT and its surrounding states.

Do you provide hair services as well?

No, Flavia Pedraza does not provide hair services. She works as a makeup artist only but she knows many hairstylists in the area that does amazing job and she will be more them happy to give you some referrals. 

What kind makeup application do you offer?

Flavia Pedraza offers traditional and airbrush makeup applications.

Is it cruelty-free/vegan?

Yes, Flavia pedraza also offers makeup applications with cruelty-free/vegan products. Please inquire for more details.

Will my makeup last if I get it done early in the morning?

Yes, Flavia Pedraza works only with professional and high quality makeup products that, combined with her expertise and techniques, she can assure the longevity of your makeup. 

How many people can you take in a bridal party for makeup?

Flavia can take up to 11 people in a bridal party including the bride.

What do I need to bring for my bridal trial or is there any recommendation?

On your bridal trial all you need is an open mind and pictures so we can use as inspiration to recreate something special just for you.

Flavia recommends her brides to come with a clean face.


Can I bring a friend with me for my bridal trial?

 Yes, feel free to bring someone with you for extra support.

Makeup trials are just for brides?

No, makeup trials are for anyone who wants to perfect their look for a wedding or special occasion.


Should I get my eyebrows shaped before my wedding?

Getting your eyebrows shaped is a MUST. A clean eyebrow helps the final result of your makeup.

When is the right time to do my bridal trial?

Flavia Pedraza recommends her brides to get their bridal trial done within 1 to 2 months before their wedding date.

How long does a bridal trial take?

Bridal trials take about 2 hours and Flavia Pedraza will talk about your day, colors, details and what you envision to get done for your big day. She will also go over pictures to make sure she creates a personalized look that enhances and emphases your beauty.

How long does a wedding day makeup take?

Bridal makeup takes about 1 hour - 1hour and 10 minutes.

How long do Bridal attendants/special occasion makeup take?

Bridal attendants and special occasion makeup takes about 40 minutes.

What will you bring on the day of my services?

Flavia Pedraza will bring her makeup kit, makeup chair, lighting and table if necessary.

If I decide to add more people for makeup will it be possible?

Yes, it might be possible. If Flavia has extra availability she will sure make it happen for you.

Does the price include false lashes?

Yes, false lashes are complimentary with the service and it's included in the pricing.

Will I get a discount if I decide NOT to use false lashes or bring my own?

No, prices are a flat rate with or without false lashes, even if you decide to bring your own pair.

What products do you use in your kit?

Flavia Pedraza always carries the best professional and high quality products in the industry for her clients. Flavia also carries cruelty-free/vegan makeup products to ensure all her clients' needs and desires are met.

Are the products used hypoallergenic?

Yes, all products used are hypoallergenic and will not promote breakouts on the skin. Flavia Pedraza not only provides makeup services but she also cares about her clients skin and makes sure she follows all the proper ways to take the best care of her clients.

What does it mean "depending on your location" for travel services?

Travel services are complimentary if the client's location is within 30 miles round trip from my Beauty Studio location. Anything above the 30 mile distance is required to pay a travel fee.

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